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Our Peoples' View


Byerwen mine camp accommodation protects Byerwen coal mine workers….and their jobs.

The real victims of the Byerwen mine camp accommodation closure are the workers. The State Government’s political decision has real impact on the safety, lifestyle, and wellbeing of Queenslander mine workers!


They are the ones who will face the dangerous fatigue of hours of additional travel each week. They are the ones that will be forced to live in a tiny town with few services, fewer facilities, and a bleak future. And they are the ones that will have to uproot their families or choose to live away full time.


Most importantly, they are the ones whose jobs are at risk.

The Byerwen mine camp accommodation closure puts workers’ lives, livelihoods, relationships, mental health, and safety at risk. And if Queenslanders aren’t benefiting, we must ask ourselves, who is?

What do our people at Byerwen think?

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Share the Facts!

Share the facts with your friends, family, and other concerned Queenslanders. Together we can support workers’ rights to choose where they live and keep them in their jobs at Byerwen coal mine.


Mine worker at Byerwen Mine

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