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Our Company's View


The State Government’s decision to close the Byerwen mining camp accommodation puts Queensland investment at risk!

The State Government’s politically driven decision to close Byerwen’s mine camp accommodation severely and negatively impacts Queensland’s ability to attract investment. And it limits Queensland’s ability to build a strong economic future for all Queenslanders.


The Byerwen mine is a local project, operated by independent Queensland-based company, QCoal Group. Local projects are good for the local economy.


Importantly, it also drives the opportunity for Queensland investment. The mining project has already brought in $2 billion in investment commitment from its partners.

Our Perspective

But this investment is at risk!

The State Government has severely and negatively impacted Queensland’s reputation as a place to invest. Byerwen equity partner, Japanese giant JFE Steel Corporation, has deep concerns that the government’s underhanded legislation threatens the existing mine leases at Byerwen if Byerwen does not comply by closing the well-appointed mining camp accommodation and force their workers to live in the tiny and ill-equipped town of Glenden. This concern may cause investors to pull their money out of Byerwen and out of Queensland, impacting all Queenslanders.


All because politicians want to see their names associated with ‘saving’ a single mining town without having to do any real work to do it.

We should not be strong armed into doing the government’s job. We should not have to sit back and watch Queensland investments plummet. And our workers should not be forced to live where they don’t want to live.

JFE Logo

Our Joint Venture Partner JFE Steel

Many of you may not have heard of us before, but we are Japan's second-largest steel mill, producing 25Mt of crude steel per annum, delivering steel to make cars, ships, high rise-buildings, and electricity infrastructure around the globe. I'm sure that many of you may have used products that use our steel in your everyday lives. 


Coking coal and iron ore are essential ingredients in the steelmaking process. As a company, we procure the majority of our coking coal from Queensland. As a long-term buyer of coking coal from Queensland, we have supported the development of the coal industry and made significant contribution to the Queensland economy. 

(L-R) Scott Ada, Director, General Manager – Brisbane Branch, JFE Shoji Australia Pty Ltd; Toshinari (Toshi) Takahashi, Manag

(L-R) Scott Ada, Director, General Manager – Brisbane Branch, JFE Shoji Australia Pty Ltd; Toshinari (Toshi) Takahashi, Managing Director, JFE Steel Australia Resources Pty Ltd; Chris Wallin, Managing Director, QCoal Group.

15 years ago, we invested in the Byerwen mine with QCoal, which at the time was a greenfield project. Despite taking many years and facing many hurdles along the way, we persisted with the development of the project to ensure that we could secure stable supply of coking coal for our steel plants. 


We are great fans and supporters of Queensland, and we wish to continue our long and strong relationship with this state. With ever-increasing demand for steel products around the globe, the supply of high-quality coking coal from Queensland is essential to the future of our industry. 


We believe that creating a stable and sustainable living and working environment for employees is a key to making this happen and we want to ask for the continued support of the people of Queensland.

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Share the Facts!

Share the facts with your friends, family, and other concerned Queenslanders. Together we can support workers’ rights and keep Queensland investment strong!


Mine worker at Byerwen Mine

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