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Protect Queensland workers’ rights to choose where they live!

The State Government has threatened the jobs of up to 800 Central Queensland mine workers and Queensland’s international reputation by tacking on secret targeted legislation shutting down the Byerwen mine camp. The effect of this is to force workers who are happily living in regional Queensland to uproot themselves and their families to move to the tiny mining town of Glenden.


Families and children of workers would be torn from the homes, schools, and jobs they love or have the awful choice of living separately from their loved ones. And these workers would then be forced to travel up to two hours to and from work each day, on unsafe roads, after long 12.5-hour shifts.


Unhappy workers who don’t want to move, uproot their families, give up their lifestyle or travel while exhausted are out of luck. The State Government says it’s this or lose your job!

Our Peoples’ Views

Queensland workers want to choose where they live and where they raise their families. And they don’t want to risk their jobs just to have this choice!

Mine worker at Byerwen Mine
Mine worker at Byerwen Mine

Our Company's Views

Closure of the mining camp impacts mine leases and threatens Queensland investment. This impacts all Queenslanders everywhere and the future economic strength of our state. Tell them where to go

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Send an email to Resources Minister Scott Stewart and tell him where to go...

Have You Asked Why?

Why was the Byerwen mine camp singled out for this extraordinarily biased treatment?


Why is the State Government forcing Queensland workers to bear the burden of their failure to support a tiny mining town?


There are so many questions, but all we hear are silence and lies from the Queensland Government. We want our questions answered!


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